Repair Services for you

Service is what we are about. F1 PC Services will come to your home or business and pickup as well as deliver your pc. Sometimes after a computer has been reloaded, it can be a daunting task to set it back up as well as re-networking it and setting up your printers. We can take care of that headache for you. You can also ship us your computer for repair,
Contact us for details~

We have a number of services available and are not limited to those listed. Please feel free to contact us and we will do whatever we can to see your needs are met.

Service 1 - Laptop Repair
computer repair services southport nc
  • Replacement of screens
  • Power jack replacement
  • System board replacement
  • Hinges replaced
Keyboards repaired or replaced

~ all repairs are done on-site

Service 2 - Desktop Repair
    computer repair services southport nc
  • System boards replaced
  • Power supplies replaced
  • Upgrades performed
  • Hard drives upsized
General clean up
Service 3 - Software Installation
computer repair services southport nc
  • Programs installed
  • Problematic issues resolved
  • Backups created
  • Instruction
Service 4 - Data Recovery
computer repair services southport ncDeleted files you need to recover? Virus corrupted your drive? Hard drive just quit working? We can recover your files and if your drive is no longer working we can help you with the right recovery services to get that important data back.
Service 5 - Networking
computer repair services southport ncWe can set up your network and get things communicating for you. Share your printers and or your files with the other PC's on your network. Need to make sure things are secure? We can supply the equipment or install stuff you have already purchased.
Service 6  - Tutoring
computer repair services southport ncDoes that box scare you...? Unsure of how things work and don't want to break anything? We offer in home, on your pc, personal tutoring to help you with your computer. From the use of the file systems to how to use your email, Give us a call and we will set up an appointment to get you on your way to a more proficient use of your pc.